We choose to specialize in this task

  • Collect images based on provided keywords
  • Annotate images, with various types of shapes & lines, for various kinds of objects (cars, human, animals, trees, etc.)
  • Label images, following various rules (occluded, intact, invisible, etc.)

Annotation Types

Dedicated team for dedication in quality

We have quality management process in place to ensure high accuracy of annotation works. Each project will have a Project Manager assigned to communicate closely with you to make sure all requirements are taken care of.

We’ll do best to ensure the accurate results, so you can confidently focus on tuning the algorithm.

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  • Drop us your requirements (We can sign NDA if needed)
  • We will get back to you with estimation, quote.
  • We can do a pilot (optional)
  • Then when everything goes through, we will proceed with paperwork
  • Start project

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