Various Industries
Self-driving vehicles, Retail, Visual search, Medical AI, Security, UAV, etc.
Annotation types
Bounding boxes, Polygons, Poly lines, Pixel wise, Landmark, etc
Quality proved
Trusted globally, from European startups to universities
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Image annotation for Fashion Visual Search

We are a dedicated Image Annotation team

We have been working on:

  • Collecting images based on provided keywords
  • Annotate images, with various types of shapes & lines, for various kinds of objects (cars, human, animals, trees, etc.)
  • Label images, following various rules (occluded, intact, invisible, etc.)

What we do

Which industry your AI is about?

You maybe building some best technologies for Medical Analysis, or for self-driving cars? Or some visual search solutions for retail?

Either industries your AI is about, our team is ready to give you a hand to get it live into the market as soon as possible. We will take care of the ground truth data so your team can focus on the most important task, the algorithm.

If your industry is very new that we don’t have any previous experience, our young and energetic team is always eager to learn.


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Case studies

Image Annotation for Autonomous Vehicles

Annotation types: bounding boxes, polygons, polylines, 3D Cuboids

Tools: Customer’s proprietary tool

Semantic Segmentation for ADAS, Autonomous Driving
Visual Search Annotation

Image Annotation for Retail

Annotation types: Bounding boxes

Tool: LabelImg (open-source)

Customer: European startup building visual search AI